BullTrading Intraday StopHunt Indicator

Phycologically traders tend to sell on lows and buy on highs. BullTrading Intraday StopHunt Indicator is designed to help you avoid such situations by monitoring the market for intraday trading setups.

The indicator plots a "Fractal Envelope © " containing the most significant Support and Resistance levels for analysis and entry level selection.

Trend filtering is provided by a MTF P-SAR ( SAR will avoid repainting false signals).

The BullTrading Chaos Trend Wave is used instead the Alligator to trade fractals.

BullTrading Intraday StopHunt Indicator will provide 3 types of signals:

First one is a swing/intraday signal, it will alert you when the price is located at a very sensitive level (buy or sell) filtered by trend. If you check the indicator after the close of the day you can even know this exact level in advance (plot Red or Lime color).

Second signal will alert you the Chaos Trend Wave Moving Average Crossovers filtered by price position (related to the Fractal Envelope ) and mayor trend.

Third signal is a scalping signal, it will alert you all the fractal breakouts filtered by price position (related to the Fractal Envelope ) and mayor trend.

You will be amazed the huge amount of trade opportunities for a given week trading only one financial instrument.

Obviously the indicator is not perfect and will plot few false signals on mayor trend reversals or big price manipulations. AVOID THE TRAP BY WAITING THE PRICE USING BUY LIMIT AND SELL LIMIT ORDERS.

NOTE: This indicator works on any timeframe, but standard settings are calibrated for 15' charts.

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