V/T Ratio: Onchain BTC Metric

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This is a New Onchain metric that is designed for bitcoin by myself Mjshahsavar (Ghoddusifar), and it is published for the first time in this trading view in this post.
I think this metric has a very high capability to determine the ATH and bottom of the market. This metric can solve a problem that channels are unable to solve. this could be the equivalent of what is known in the stock market as P/E

What is the long-term price channel of Bitcoin? Have you ever thought that maybe drawing a price channel is not right and maybe we should look for something else?
Channel drawing for the price is a subjective and interpretive subject. Look at the charts below, they are all correct in terms of drawing, but no one can say which one will happen. There is no certainty because drawing them is objective.

But who can say which one will definitely work?
We need something more objective. I think V/T Ratio does that.
Just draw the channel. There is only one channel for it. And it has worked historically well to this day.
Compare the drawn channel with the price chart. It works right. When the metric reaches the top line of the channel, it indicates the new ATH and the end of the cycle.
When it reaches the bottom line of the channel, it indicates that the price has reached the bottom.

A Market Cycle:
According to this metric, the bitcoin cycle has 5 stages:
1- Bottom Price: which V/T Ratio touches the bottom line of the channel: In this case, we expect the price to reach the bottom.
2- Semi-high price: that the metric reaches the middle line of the channel: In this case, Bitcoin creates a local top in the MID-Term and Long-Term timeframes
3- Semi-low price: which has a metric return to the lower part of the channel (but the price can still increase)
4- ATH: that Bitcoin reaches its highest historical price
5- It starts after the ATH until the metric reaches the bottom part of the channel again.
Notas de prensa:
fixed for weekly timeframe

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