With the Great Success of "ProfitMaximizer" 15min&5min scalper Indicator;

Plus Based on the overwhelming request from users to add alert for the 5min&15min scalper for "LongEntry" ,"ShortEntry" based on the background color change condition ,

Now the "ProfitMaximizer Indicator is equipped with Built in Alert Functions.

Time Frame : 5min &15min only
This can be used in all the markets.

Four Alerts are added :

5min LongEntry Alert : When BackGround Changes from Red to Green;
5min ShortEntry Alert : When BackGround Changes from Green to Red;

15min Long Entry Alert : When BackGround Changes from Red to Green;
15min ShortEntry Alert : When BackGround Changes from Green to Red;

Please comment,Like the script ,Follow me and request for access in private message for quick response.

Other Best Working Indicators that has been liked by the community:

Alert version for Higher Time Frame Trading and Investing: (With Alerts) Private Message me to get access and comment in the indicator page:

ProfitMaximizer Old strategy with no alert version :
Notas de prensa: Alert Issues Fixed ,Alerts working fine in 5min and 15min TimeFrame.
Notas de prensa: Here is the improved version of the ProfitMaximizer alert version indicator short name PM.

Added separate alerts for Background alerts , Candle change entry alerts .
Added logics to predict Buy 1-2 candle in advance to improve the profitability.

Tested works fine.
Bot can be connected for auto trade (make sure the bot supports stop loss trail etc).Connect me if you want reference for BOT for autotrade.

This works in any market ,Any instrument.
Updates are real-time .No Repaint until the last candle.
Notas de prensa: Change in Alert for sell side added.Minor Bug corrected.
Notas de prensa: Alert condition change and minor updates.
Better Alert Text info added ;
Notas de prensa: 1min Heikin Ashi Alerts added for AutoTrading support for Cryptocurrency exclusively.
This indicator also works in all instruments.
Alert Version.
Notas de prensa: Early Entry long side improvements;alerts update etc. V86
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Best Scripts LongBuyLongSellIndicator &ProfitMaximizer link

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Telegram me: @wealthworldmajic
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May i have access please?
@guersel, I will add access soon and let you know thank you for liking
It's seems to be a great system
May i have access, even if its just a trial?
If you charge, let me know the cost. Thanks!
@K_O_S, added access to both PM and LBLS
Can i try you indicator ?
MarxBabu pavel898
@pavel898, added access to both PM and LBLS
can I have access please ?
MarxBabu Saeedaldamkh
@Saeedaldamkh, added
Hi, can I have access to your script? Thank you
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