Consensio REAL

This is my final implementation (after several attempts) of making an indicator with the ideas of the Consensio Trading System from Tyler Jenks, as shown in this video:

More of all my Consensio indicators in my personal blog articles about the subject:

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Notas de prensa: Minor shape selection (triangle up/down) correction
Notas de prensa: Added possibility of use EMAs instead os SMA
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Amazing work! Thanks for implementing Tyler's idea!
kccheung0625 kccheung0625
But @Nakitxu, is it possible to make an input such that we can choose from EMA instead of SMA? I found that sometimes EMA is more accurate in certain crypto market.
Nakitxu kccheung0625
@kccheung0625, Here you have it. Enjoy it! :)
I’m very interested in your indicator as I am a big fan of the late Tyler Jenks
this is amazing. thank you so much for sharing with us. I'm sure he would be impressed too.
Nakitxu bevansmiller
@bevansmiller, Thanks!