XRT ETF Bullish inclined Naked Puts 20 Aug Expiry

I entered this XRT trade with a high BP of 59K because I wanted to reduce my exposure on VXX . I'm getting the feeling that the market is reaching a stage where the bullish steam is running out. Especially with rising Inflation concerns.

VXX to me is dangerous because it is exposed to Tech stocks which are currently sky-high and a drop in tech could be pretty ugly.

What irritated me was that one day later the market drops due to inflation worries and the prices of my XRT contracts increases... I think I need to look at planning my selling of contracts together with the economic calendar as high volatility gets me a good price also.

Good new is that the retail sales numbers unexpectedly rises by 0.6% in June and this basically shielded XRT to an extend.

Sold 70 Puts @ 0.50 Strike 85
BP Block: 59K
Max Gain: Est $3500
% Distance to Strike: 10.61%
Operación cerrada manualmente: The market gapped down because of inflation and the delta virus. I quickly exited this as I cannot make the same mistake previously by hoping for the best.

Cut losses quick and managable and move on.
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