XRT ETF Bullish inclined Naked Puts 24 Sep Expiry (Sep Track 1)

This is Track 1, Trade 1 of the September trades. This trade generally follows the larger market bullish move as it seems like Retail is taking the Delta virus and inflation news on its stride.

There will be price drops if those concerns surface again, but from what I've noticed, its all very short term. We also see retail hiring more aggressively and in the short term this means that business owners are somewhat optimistic and ready to get their business rolling full swing.

Sold 25 Puts @ 0.50 Strike 85
% to Strike is 11% from entry
ATR percentile is a middle, so this could be improved.
Rising RSI , tied to an uptrend of lower highs
Max Gain: est $1250

Total BP Block: 28K
Operación cerrada: objetivo alcanzado
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