XLM // BTC // Pattern Triangle // Project // 2000%

BINANCE:XLMBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
xlm 0.00% btc 4.00% project that I am recmomendadno since 2017 ... to eat 200%
Recent fundamentals It seems that it can meet my forecast // speculation //
but if you enter today you will not eat the 200% that venismo collecting from its birth of this project.
but you can earn 150% of your -1.34% investment
let's see clearly in DAILY AND WEEKLY charts. forming a perfect symmetric triangle of 4 touches
and that the breaking of this confirms us in the new cycle.
the fundamentals that we are seeing today today giving its formation
***** I always say ** "the foundations only complete the Patron **** and bring its fulfillment
invest money that you are willing to lose
TWO things will happen to you if you invest
The bad and the good ... but always positive
beyond there if there are losses .. I encourage you to return to believe in the ciptomonedas, it is never too late to invest
in mrcado in cyclical.