DigitalNote Ending Consolidation Phase | 500%+ Possible!

BITTREX:XDNBTC   DigitalNote / Bitcoin
DigitalNote ( XDNBTC ) is ending its consolidation phase. Let's take a look:

  • On the chart above, notice the orange rectangle , this is the consolidation box. This is the range at which XDNBTC has been consolidating. Moving below 6 satoshis would send prices lower while moving pass 9 satoshis (EMA50) would send price higher.

  • Right now XDNBTC is passively trading above EMA10, no strength or volume was needed to break above this main resistance, sellers are completely exhausted.

  • The RSI is moving up strong while sitting at the lows... A massive impulse move can happen anytime on this pair.

  • Bullish divergence is also visible with the MACD .

DigitalNote ( XDNBTC ) is bottomed out and producing bullish signals. Over 500% profits potential according to my Fibonacci targets.

All the details are shared on the chart.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Comentario: Touched EMA50, getting closer to breakout to the upside.
Comentario: This is a good one, all that is needed is buy and hold... Later sell on target.

Make sure to have a strategy/plan before trading.

Always use a stop-loss.

This is not financial advice.

Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 10 |Hit 11-Oct. (+25%)
(*) 11 |Hit 11-Oct. (+37%)
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Any one knows what is the situation with XDN on Bittrex ??? The wallet is frozen with this Notice: "Pending token team response."

And no news, no formal notice on bittrex nothing.
+1 Responder
alanmasters Fragnstein
@Fragnstein, Here everything looks fine. It looks good logged in and logged out.
I don't see any restrictions on trading.
Thanks Master
+1 Responder
alanmasters sidhabdn
@sidhabdn, My pleasure.
Hi Alan. Penny for your thoughts at this stage on XDN pls
This things gotta be ready soon at 7 SATs
alanmasters LitecoinFam
@LitecoinFam, Still loading... Should be ready soon.
Any update bud?
@Agjris, Exact same chart, we have an active trade for it.
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