Bitcoin (XBTUSD) Bullish Doji ($10,600 Next)

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
Bitcoin ( XBTUSD ) printed a bullish Doji on the 4H time frame, which can be seen on the chart above marked with a green circle.

We also have above-average volume and a higher low.

There is good potential for a bounce higher and BTC can move higher.

We've marked our main target on the chart with a dashed magenta line, around $10,600.

A full candle close below $9100 can be used as a stop-loss.

Where do you believe Bitcoin is headed next?

Here is our daily chart analysis for BTCUSD for additional information:
Thanks a lot for your time.
Thanks again for your support.


It keeps on changing and moving and we look for help outside of us.

We want to have certain experiences, yet, we believe, somehow, that help is going to come.

We remain full of hope, our dreams we give up, expecting for answers and solutions that are supposed to come from another Soul.

This is not at all how it all works.

If you want anything...

If you want something...

You have to take care of it on your own.

Not alone...

But it is you who needs to take the first step...

It is you who needs to get the job done.

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Everex (EVXBTC) High-Profits Targets

When you enter a vision, many questions can become part of your thoughts.

What am I seeing?
Where is this going on?

We get questions like this and continue experiencing the vision we are on.

At the time of sharing, the questions will no longer be yours. So here comes other people doubts, their questions are even worse.

You succeed to share your vision, showing it to them in ways that are beyond any human form.

I am just like them, but they can see, feel and experience all of my thoughts.

But yet when we are done, the same question still comes up...

Hey, Alan Masters, Mr. Buddha, the visions were felt and experienced by all, but we as a group have questions, are all these images the truth... Or is possible that they can be wrong?

Everything will be fine my young brothers and sisters, I am here for you all.

All these visions that I share are not meant to be true, there is no way that they can be wrong.

All these visions coming from my third eye, are only meant to be enjoyed.

So there can't be good or bad, there is nothing as true or false.

All these visions are my experiences and are only meant for you to enjoy.

Comentario: AION (AIONBTC)
Now at 24% of profits generated with more to come.

Comentario: The trendline continues holding... A higher-high (magenta) is needed for Bitcoin to confirm further growth.

In the case of a failed attempt, support levels will need to be tested (blue).

Comentario: BitTorrent (BTTBTC) Chart Update by Popular Request
Comentario: Bitcoin gaining some upside momentum...
Comentario: The first target hit: (1) $9800 -Reached 30-July (+26.08 ROE)

Buy-in calculated at $9490 with 8X leverage.
Comentario: Our setup just became stronger.

- The RSI moved and closed above resistance:
- The higher high we were looking for also came in:

- And we also have increasing volume.
Comentario: Looking good, our next target is sitting at $10,300...
Comentario: We continue on the same path and aiming for the same targets...

Thanks a lot for the support.
Comentario: Second target hit:

(2) $10300 -Reached 1-Aug. (+68.24%)
Buy-in calculated at $9490 with 8X leverage.
Comentario: Third target...
(3) $10500 -Reached 1-Aug. (+85.12%)

More coming.

Enjoy the profits.
Posición cerrada: objetivo alcanzado: Main target reached for this trade idea $10,594 ($10,600).
W/ 8X Lev. and our buy-in that's up to 93.52% ROE (profits collected).


Thanks a lot for the support.

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Alan, at your direction, I put it all on 10,500...We only got to 10,499...Confucius say Alan count chicken before hatch...Bring great shame
alanmasters Kool_Keith
@Kool_Keith, Patience is key... We are at $10,625 and going higher.

Thanks a lot for the support.

The price moved exactly as predicted.

Ashby_Parker alanmasters
@alanmasters, Great job, Alan. I believe this may be the end of the road for the current rally
+1 Responder
alanmasters Ashby_Parker
@Ashby_Parker, Thanks for sharing.
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