Noisy days, clear strategy - BTC - 29/11/2018

KRAKEN:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / U. S. Dollar
Dear all,

First time! So happy to publish my idea!

Small reminder, I'm not a professional trader (although I work in the financial sytem, let's say) I'm just here to share my thoughts, so take my ideas as they are, ideas, not financial advise.

We've seen a lot of movement those days, some called "BTC scam" "BTC dead" bla bla bla . Well I will give you my vision. I am a BTC supporter, but to be realistic the following days will not be the best for people asking "moon".

Supporting my idea, we are in a second bear cycle, all is calculated to be an average of the first bear cycle and I will trade as shown in my graphics. Of course the price will not follow exacly the lines predicted but i am expecting to see those levels.

The strategy that i will follow:

-Buy now, what I am able to lose, until levels shown in red.
-Short after, what I am able to lose, until what I expect to be the bottom (around 2800)

What do you think girls? I am completely open to criticism, shout, insult and be mad about my idea for sure it is upgradable.

Best wishes and happy trading to all of you!!

Operación activa: Dear all,

New possible buying targets:

Have a nice friday and happy trading to all of you!

Operación activa: Good morning,

To me the most important fact as of today is the MACD bullish cross at 1 day chart. Trade still active and, for the moment as planned.

I will keep you updated with further analysis.
Heading 5k!

Operación activa:
Operación cerrada: precio stop alcanzado: Stop loss achieved. Looking for new opportunities to buy around 3k. I would let you know about following strategies.

Might this be a continuation of wave 3 and still not a correction ahead.

I have lowered my stop loss at 3k of this strategy but that is not the right thing to do, that's why I will not analyze it here, because as a trader, i know when to leave an asset and nowadays bitcoin is clearly going down, i just want to prove me wrong on my strategy for sure and cut losses a bit further.

Kind regards dear followers,