Bullish or bearish?! unironically CRUCIAL TIME for Bitcoin!

BITMEX:XBT   Bitcoin/Índice dólar estadounidense
Will the fractal repeat? will we see even lower prices with the coronafud? Will corona prove bitcoin to be the real SAFE HAVEN? (yes please!!!) Anything can happen!!! Im watching this level very carefully ^^ as long with some lower timeframe wyckoff analysis! +this morning 1h chart tv /x/N6zYTYxs
+tonight's 4h chart tv /x/1TjiFlwo
+12 february's daily chart gyazo /01314085557a2f7b967ad06642bffec7

Good luck, give me strenght to profit big from my plan if it turns out ^^

XBT, who art in BitMEX, hallowed by thy Long. Thy scamwick come, thy orders be ready, on the books as it is out of overload. Give us this day our daily profitz and forgive us our take profits as we forgive the stupid shorters. Lead us not into underwater longs, but deliver us from bears. For thine is the green, the cobra and the glory for Moon. Amen

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