Good morning everyone,
I wanted to share with you this idea that I have and the possible accumulation zone that could be happening right now in the WOZX crypto in the area of ​​$ 0. 40 .
According to the WYCOFF method, if it were an accumulation zone we would have already completed phase A and we would be fully in phase B whose objective is to retest the "AR".
I also have to state that when the price was in the $ 0.80 area, a distribution according to the WYCOFF model was seen very clearly (unfortunately in this pair you cannot see it, you have to go to the almost extinct exchange BHEX or CoinMarket) and that ended up exploding downwards due to the announcement of the ban on cryptocurrencies in China (perfect alibi to complete the distribution).

The only thing that does not convince me of what I am proposing is the width of the accumulation channel, which is 57%, and the fall from $ 0.80 to the current price is 53%, so this relationship does not it convinces me.

So in my mind it takes shape that the "AR" is $ 0.45-0.46 and not $ 0.55 leaving a channel width of 30% and a more convincing ratio. (I will redraw it and update it if a formation of accumulation and change of trend is forming)
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