SRN SIRIN LABS Token on fire!

BITTREX:SRNBTC   Sirin Token / Bitcoin
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SIRIN LABS token are launching their smartphone today!
On chart it is also looking good. Broke out of the major falling wedge with a good volume and continues to move upward against BTC .
Place your targets according to resistance levels which I also provided in the chart.
They are NOT launching the Finney today. That would be on the 15th of December.

But I agree, SRN is looking mighty fine. Price action is squeezing in between the 200 and 55 MA. A breakout above the 200 would be a confirmation.
@JigsawBot, Thank you. I researched a little more and found out that FINNEY will be available for purchase to the public on 15th December. So anyways it is worth to follow this project and, of course, the price of token.
I'm eying at this for a while... we have a nice cup&handle starting in July...today at launch I expect a breakout to the upside. People think price will drop ..sell the news event...but a product launch is not news. It's a known known. And coverted by big media with Lionel Messi. I expect a lot that of pre-orders and therefore buying pressure.
@soleiro73, That is true, cup and handle plays for now. And sell the news will occur yes, however, this coin still attracts increasing interest and volume which are probably going to make it fly. Also relatively low market cap is easier to move
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