[SRNBTC][103% PP] Alan Masters Trades Explained 4 Beginners!

BITTREX:SRNBTC   Sirin Token / Bitcoin
We traded Sirin Lab for great profits two months ago, you can see our trade here. We will now go for a second round.
I am also sharing this because I explain how our trades works here for beginners..

Below you can find the details... hit LIKE and let's get started!
I hope you enjoy it... Namaste.

Sirin Lab ( SRNBTC ) Chart Analysis 

  • Above, you can see the chart for SRNBTC .  On the left side you can see the last up wave from last month, we expect to see something similar again.
  • After increasing over 200% in value, SRNBTC has done a complete correction yet bounced creating a higher low compared to the 12th September low, which right now is the bottom (marked with a blue line on the chart).
  • Once SRNBTC breaks EMA10 (green line) on the daily time frame, it can start to move up.
  • We have several high volume reversal candlesticks , that all point to an upcoming breakout.
  • And the RSI is coming out of oversold.
  • There are different ways that you can trade this or any other altcoins, you can trade before the breakout with a tight stop loss, or after breakout. Here we trade before, but you can always adapt to your own preferences.
  • Let's get started with the trade.

SRNBTC Trade instructions (Explained)

Buy in: 0.0000104 – 0.0000113
This is the price where you buy in.

Next support: 0.00000960
This is our second entry if we go below our buy in. 


(1) 0.0000127
(2) 0.0000137
(3) 0.0000155
(4) 0.0000184
(5) 0.0000222
This is where we sell for profits. Under the "Education" tab, you can find article with strategies and tutorials on how to maximize profits when selling the targets.

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.00000920.
If the trade goes bad, this is the price at which we close the trade. If price starts to go down rather than up, and SRNBTC closes below stop loss on the weekly time frame, we close the trade as additional  bearish action can be expected. This way we cut our loses and move on.

Capital allocation: <5%.
We diversify, meaning, split our capital into different trades to reduce risk and increase potential profits. My general recommendation is 5-10 trades. You can do more as you can do less.
Depending on your number of open trades, you can use 5-20% of your capital per trade or even lower if you have huge crypto portfolio. It isn't recommended to put all of your capital into one trade, it is better to diversify... and remember... PATIENCE IS KEY!

Thanks for the support...


When you live strong, challenges you will always have to face.

You can build your dream home, but it can be destroyed in a matter of days.

This can be just a set back, nothing can get in front your way.

We continue growing smarter and faster... It doesn't matter if something breaks.

So when you find a block, clear it, accept it and get over it... there isn't any time to waste.

We stand up strong... The growth continues...



I'll do it all over again! 


The growth continues in 2019 (3)...

Operación activa
Operación activa: Within buy in range. Feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.
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Thanks for the tutorial Alan
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@Paulflip87, My pleasure.
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