SRN and their phone comming!

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Look at that accumulation, i believe when we cross resist line, it will go up up.

Low risk, big potencial, huge events comming..

Check my telegram (u can be first subscriber :-D), sometimes i post there quick signals from phone ( iam phone trader mostly).. I do not have much time to sit at the pc ..

Buy in parts, stick to your strategy!

Good luck.

All my ideas are purely like a hobby. I do not like IF, WHEN in ideas - everyone wants to be right, and after IF - they have...
I share my thoughts here because I enjoy it.
I'm not responsible for your losses, thank you for your understanding.

My own ten for classic trading:
1. Follow the tenth
2. Patience
3. Modesty
4. No emotion
5. Do not get into the rocket (do not buy pumped)
6. Be on the launch of the rocket (buy dips)
7. Do not buy allin
8. Do not sell at loss - we are in very volatile markets (+/- 3x can get in 1h, often big dump/pump manipulation hit your SL and price is back), its about time - beware of point 5
9. At a big loss (eg -40%+) buy more (dip)
10. Do not forget to live, enjoy it

Leverage Trading
I strongly do not recommend leverage trading for beginners.
In leverage trading be care and always use stop loss ;). I lost many in the beginning with leverage trading, they waiting for you..
If you are beginner, follow my ten and you will be in green.. Classic trading is best for us, because if nothing (big loss), you still own the coins..
In leverage you can be liquidated like nothing...

If you want, for inspiration or profit, you can support me ;)..
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Comentario: Enjoy profits, no updates, Iam trader - depending on your strategy. If you are trader, or holder, SRN fan, etc. ;-)..
is there any update for this chart now
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