Looking for the low in the 3300 area to long S&P 500

FX:SPX500   Índice S&P 500
Using ES Futures , I am looking at the 3300 level for the long. The Day Bar Chart has text too.

The Directional Trend Index has reverted to the middle and is now turning up. Price is above the moving averages and not extremely deviated from them. Monday offers a great opportunity to enter the bull trend. I'm hoping to see a low in the early part of the day with the support level holding, and there is always the chance the price is not offered and a new plan must be made.

I will update this as it develops!
Operación activa: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/HCietI...

3304 holds been doing longs today! They overall idea is to stay long ES and scalp more long on NQ moves up! Working so far today.
Comentario: Furthermore, my twitter https://twitter.com/VirtuosoTrader is quite active these days! Look there for even more details.
Comentario: HOLDING : Measured move target puts #S&P500 at 3426.50!@
Comentario: Staying long above 3354
Comentario: Woah, hope y'all got to take some off on the Holiday. 3354 is currently testing. The trade may be stopped out for the win today. We will see, and I will update.
Operación cerrada manualmente: Winning Trailing Stop hits 3354. IMHO consolidation to come. Two way market for now. nearly +50 points on the trade... but that out of the 93 pts offered, not super psyched. Scalps in the meantime were easy to manage as the market slows a bit, so it was a bit better than this one trade all around.
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