Ultimate LONG 2019-2021

FX:SPX500   Índice S&P 500
  • I see no recession coming.
  • Get over with Trade wars, it is no longer irrelevant. It is only the headlines that make you drop your stocks so BlackRock and Vanguard can accumulate more.
  • I see a lot of fear. we don't fall on fear. we fall on greed and too much confidence.

Getting some entry around here and in one months. Try not to pick stocks, use ETFs to diversify, but first read the holdings structure and commisions.
If you like to pick stocks, watch the ones who are:
1. looking strong on drawdowns
2. gaining more on market growth.
3. have great guidance and nice forward P/E vs current.
4. don't play earnings . just hold, otherwise you'll end up messing up
5. try to diversify, but do it truly. don't buy all tech, or all semiconductors, or all biotech or all banks. if you buy QQQ , you buy a lot of Apple , FB etc. so, no need to add more of it.

p.s. please see the previous related ideas, to see how it ends up
Operación activa: Ignore scared people. Buy this dip. It will be harder to enter on highs...
Comentario: We are near ATH again, while you are not even long (well, most of you). And you regret being wrong again.
Comentario: With current extreme bearish sentiment this breakout will be huge.
Stay long, no closing positions
Comentario: ATH, 3000. Cheers!
Operación activa: still a lot of fear and no confidence here at this point. this is NOT the TOP
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