ES 09-19 | Daily Swing Trading

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Hello World,

The future of ES is moving forward to create a good set up go short. Here my reasons;

The price is making a correction from the previous down trend with huge volume . The price has now a lot to resistences to block and the volume does not comming. The price now has like support the following:
H4 SMA200.
Fibo 61,8% of correction (dot orange line).
A previous daily resistence with high volume (green line).

For me, it's a good ocasion to open a short position and test a couple of micro contracts in MES, I just entry with the following account management.

Stop of two contract over 2900 points
Take the profit of the first contract arround 2815, ones we got the profit we move the stop to breakeven (We will have one contract now in the market and we will never close the position in negative).
Take the profit of the second contract arround 2783.

Generally, the future is settin up to go close weekly but we did not have the confirmation yet. HOLD ON!!