Bullish in SILVER LONG TERM,TP: 50% - Fundamentals Bullish 100%

EMA 200, 50, 21 Bullish Crossover
MACD Bullish Divergence

Fundamentals: At 96.5 we are still at GOLDSILVER ratio ATH levels not reached since 1991 almost 3 decades. Which means that silver is very cheap compared to gold , in other words you need 96.5 ounces of Silver to buy 1 ounce of Gold . Historically it is undervalued with respect to gold , in the 90's the GOLDSILVER ratio reached the level of 97, in an era where communism ended that same year in Eastern Europe, bringing a period of prosperity for the USA.
On the other hand, the low interest rates (almost 0) of most banks in the world make bonds and deposits unattractive, generating investor appetite for safe haven assets such as silver and gold .

The FED for the 2008 crisis increased the Quatitive Easing (printing money) also the unemployment rate is in the US at record highs (15%). It is no coincidence that when the 2008 crisis passed, the GOLDSILVER was at 80 points and by the time the FED starts the QE (minimum interest rates + inflation ), the ratio begins to drop to the level of 30. Shooting the price of the silver in a 461% rally from $ 8 to $ 48.6.

In mid-June the ratio crossed 110 points (new all time high) and at 96.5 (entry level) we are still at historically high levels, even much higher than the 2008 crisis (80 points)

Today the Fed has printed 2 trillion dollars in the past 5 months and the plan is 4 trillion. It is the largest money printing in history ever seen, with interest rates at 0 and the capital injection from the fed, the more money there will be in the economy and therefore more inflation .

Given these factors and all the bad macro data worldwide, such as the covid, which brings more unemployment, more QE from the FED, trade war, geopolitical tensions, its historical undervaluation regarding gold , USA in Recession, are some of the factors that make silver a very attractive bullish investment.


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