Salt | Chart With Targets and Support Levels

This is done at the request of one of our readers... It is my pleasure to comply.

This is the SALTBTC Chart on Huobi.

You can see the Fib. targets (grey and orange lines with numbers to the right side). These levels/prices are where SALTBTC will find resistance on the way up (if it moves up).

The blue dashed line is the main support on the way down (if it moves down).

The red dashed line is the last low and strong/important support. Below this level more down is expected or a very strong bounce.

For questions use the comments section.

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Could you please update
alanmasters fiat4crypto
@fiat4crypto, Its ready, I will post in an hour.
alanmasters fiat4crypto
fiat4crypto alanmasters
@alanmasters, thank you kindly
+1 Responder
alanmasters fiat4crypto
Not a good coin to invest, especially if you would know that it at delisting chances (watch ST flag).
Huobi has a lot more coins to invest, you've picked the one of those with highest risks.
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