Raiden Network Token 2750% To ATH (Quick 180% Possible)

BINANCE:RDNBTC   Raiden Network Token / Bitcoin
Raiden Network Token ( RDNBTC ) has a solid/strong chart which is now producing a bullish breakout.

Here we are looking at it long-term.

Looking at the ATH (All-Time High), RDNBTC can grow as much as 2750% to reach this same level.

Shorter-term, we can easily see Raiden Network Token grow by as much as 180% within a few weeks.

Here are some of the signals coming from this chart:

  • New All-Time Low ( ATL ) hit.
  • RSI Hit oversold and its lowest level ever.
  • Now moving above EMA10 ( bullish potential | this signal is only confirmed when the weekly candle closes).
  • MACD Bullish divergence .

Additional details can be found on the chart.

Feel free to leave a comment, like, to show your support.

Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 0.00002320 |Hit 2-Oct. +7%
(2) 0.00002520 |Next target
(3) 0.00003120
Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 0.00002320 |Hit 2-Oct. (+7%)
(2) 0.00002520 |Hit 4-Oct. (+17%)
(3) 0.00003120 |Next target.
Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 0.00002320 |Hit 2-Oct. (+7%)
(2) 0.00002520 |Hit 4-Oct. (+17%)
(3) 0.00003120 |Hit 8-Oct. (+44%)
Comentario: Target #4 hit perfectly at 3320...
More to come...

Enjoy the profits!


(1) 0.00002320 |Hit 2-Oct. (+7%)
(2) 0.00002520 |Hit 4-Oct. (+17%)
(3) 0.00003120 |Hit 8-Oct. (+44%)
(4) 0.00003320 |Hit 8-Oct. (+54%)
(5) 0.00003620
(6) 0.00004120
(7) 0.00004520
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Looks really good Master. Sadly it took off before I could get in.
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