openANX Will Do It Again? Time 2 Profit! (Over 280% PProfits)

Our last openANX ( OAXBTC ) trade generated over 40% profits in a few short days... We were honestly expecting more before the retrace, but these are great gains nonetheless.

Now, OAXBTC is getting ready to move again. I am not seeing strong bullish signals showing up but my "spider-sense" is telling me that openANX is almost ready to move.

I've drawn our main scenarios on the chart above, as well as marked the main targets and stop-loss (bottom red line).

This is how our trade looked like last time:

BUY: 0.00000900 – 0.00001010


(1) 0.00001221 -Reached 28-July (+23%)
(2) 0.00001421 -Reached 28-July (+43%)

So we have a better entry now (current price 0.00000720) and 97% of profits can be collected just by hitting the same targets as last time.

Our main target on the chart above can generate up to 280% of profits...

And all that is needed is patience to win... Buy and hold... Only sell when the time comes.


Thanks a lot for the continued support.

Aug 21
Comentario: We are moving positively.


(1) 0.00000850 -Reached 21-Aug. (+18%)
(2) 0.00000965 -Next target.
Aug 27
Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 0.00000850 -Reached 21-Aug. (+18%)
(2) 0.00000965 -Reached 27-Aug. (+35%)
(*) 0.00001059 -Reached 27-Aug. (+48%)
Sep 03
Comentario: TARGET:

(1) 0.00000850 -Reached 21-Aug. (+18%)
(2) 0.00000965 -Reached 27-Aug. (+35%)
(*) 0.00001059 -Reached 27-Aug. (+48%)
(3) 0.00001155 -Reached 28-Aug. (+61%)
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Thanks Master
+1 Responder
Love you Alan, love you OAXBTC :)
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