Analysis of NEO / USD in TF 122 minutes

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BITFINEX:NEOUSD   NEO/Dólar estadounidense
We see how the impulse of the last hours, by an attempt to recover the upward direction, has been rejected, by the confluence of K of fibo.

Retaking its bearish trend .

The price is outside the areas of OB / OS, which leaves it in the land of no one, it can be seen as confirming two hidden bearish divergences in the Accumulation / Distribution indicator, located in Holders.

On the other hand we see a constant decrease in the real volume in terms of purchases / sales is concerned, indicating little interest in acquisition of positions by strong hands, (The so-called whales).

Having done the review in Neo, the possible short-term scenario, which I propose is the following:

— Take short positions, at current price.
— Giving us a margin of 3% for Stop Loss, around $19.4.
— Departure, around the cop of the retracement of fibo, around $16.7.

The win / loss ratio is 3.


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