MARINUS - Nice setup for start of Wave 5 UP

Price of Marinus reacted at an important level. This is a good sign.
My opinion is that Wave 5 UP has just started and will push the stock to much higher levels.
More conservative investors could buy above $7 in order to have a full confirmation of the new up move.

Note: I am Long Marinus and I will increase my position.
It is a promising company in its sector.
Operación activa: The picture has not changed. I remain positive.
However on the very short term (days) the sideways movement can create some mild anxiety and we could see a longer 4. Above $7 I expect it to go strongly UP
Operación activa: Nothing much to add, just that price action is following the initial analysis.
A solid setup for Marinus
Operación activa: Ready for Higher levels. Wave 5 is building its course
I'm a very small investor, new here. But i'm in yesterday at 5.93
winstox Knuckles77
@Knuckles77 small or big it does not matter. Not at all. What matters is a clear investment strategy for the investor. Mine has 3 parts. The first and most important is always to cut the losses and let the profits run. What I mean by that is: Once I have a Technical analysis setup that is ok for me, I look at the fundamentals and the prospects of the company. Then if I open a position, I always place a Stop Loss. The Stop Loss is based on technical analysis projections. For this stock since I use the Elliott Wave Theory, the Stop is set just below $5. If price drops and the stock price closes for the day below that level, I will sell my position. Have a nice weekend.
@winstox, thanks so much for your advice, much appreciated
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