4HR Bullish Setup on MITHBTC - Mithril

BINANCE:MITHBTC   Mithril / Bitcoin
I'm looking for a bullish bounce on MITHBTC as were back in the same price channel before it ripped up to 1315 from a low of 944.
We pulled back from 1315 and made a higher low at 946 so the bulls need to defend the 950 sat range in order to breakout of the downtrend.

Daily 50SMA - 1294 & Squeezing in on the price, short term targets of 1150 - 1300 - 1441 & 1712 <-- .386 fib retrace

As it sits around .038 cents it might be trading at a bargain so keep an eye out.

All in all I like Mithril's website and utilization of social mining, asset management and the merchant network.

PT .25 cents - $1 by 2020

Social Mining is an all-new mining concept that Mithril has created with the intention to reward all content creators. On platforms that supports social mining, users can acquire MITH through producing and uploading content as well as interacting with other users.

Mithril aims to construct a comprehensive ecosystem that revolves around MITH. Users will be able to acquire MITH through social mining, manage their assets effortlessly and further spend MITH in various real-life scenarios.

Prices as of 2/19/19
Market Cap
$19,491,274 USD
4,924 BTC
133,049 ETH

Volume (24h)
$3,416,609 USD
863.05 BTC
23,322 ETH

Circulating Supply
506,881,576 MITH
Total Supply
1,000,000,000 MITH

Daily Chart with Fibonacci Retracements

Mar 05
Comentario: Possibly? ^?
unstoppable falling to zero - exit asap!
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