Litecoin Going Bullish w/ Leverage | Easy 50%+ On 8X

Here is a nice setup for Litecoin (LTCZ19)... We are doing 8X leverage on this one.

Bullish signals:

This is a strong setup and can produce some nice gains with relatively low risk... But all leveraged trading is high-risk and for advanced traders only.

If you would like to see the FULL TRADE DETAILS, buy-in, targets, stop-loss, etc. Make sure to hit LIKE. If this trade idea gets 100 likes, I will share the full trade.

Here is an example of a full trade | Bitcoin Cash Lev. Short | BCHZ19-SHORT-7X-51%

This is not financial advice.

Comentario: Trade: LONG LTCZ19 | Litecoin

Leverage: 8X

Buy-in: 0.006280 - 0.006380


1) 0.006500 |Hit 4-Nov. (+17%)
2) 0.006610 |Next target
3) 0.006710
4) 0.006810

Stop-loss: Close 4h below 0.006010

Liq. price: 0.005665
(Buy-in calculated at 0.006365)

Potential profits: 55.92%

Capital allocation: 6%.
Comentario: Targets:

1) 0.006500 |Hit 4-Nov. (+17%)
2) 0.006610 |Hit 4-Nov. (+31%)
3) 0.006710 |Next target...
4) 0.006810
Posición cerrada: objetivo alcanzado: Targets:

1) 0.006500 |Hit 4-Nov. (+17%)
2) 0.006610 |Hit 4-Nov. (+31%)
3) 0.006710 |Hit 5-Nov. (+43%)
4) 0.006810 |Hit 5-Nov. (+56%)
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Good Job dear, I have just followed your signal at the right time ...

thanks for sharing :-)

Meanwhile, the pair Face resistance Under 4H EMA 200 also has stuck between 0.61 & 0.78 FIb levels, do you think it will retrace back to 0.78 64XX, or will continue in the uptrend as the volume is relatively high !
@harb315, It can go straight up.
+1 Responder
harb315 alanmasters
@alanmasters, Thanks for your insights and analysis .. it goes exactly as you predicted :-)
+1 Responder
@harb315, Thanks. Appreciated. :)

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