BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS
Let´s see if we can make this post viral and help people make money during these hard times.

Even my granny could do this:

STEP 1: Take the amount you want to invest and place it in your crypto exchange (Binance or Kraken work well for me). For this explanation I am going to use a 10,000 usd investment.

STEP 2: Always always always use spot market trading. Do not use futures /margin trading, it is too risky and you can get liquidated in a minute. If you do not belive me just watch the March 12th 2020 coronavirus bloody candlestick in the charts.

STEP 3: Set in your tradingview the ETHUSDT chart and add the Supertrend indicator. I use USDT because there are usually more movements than in the regular usd market and in the weekends it is more alive as the banks are closed. Set the chart in the 15 minute time frame.

STEP 4: Now you just need to watch the chart with patience:
Within the exchange of your preference place a buy order everytime the supertrend indicator shows the BUY signal in the ETHUSDT chart. It will give you the perfect entry.
Let´s say that in my example I buy ETH with my 10,000 usd at 215 usd price. I would now have 46,5 ETH (note there is going to be a small commission from the exchange).

STEP 5: How and when do I sell and take profit? Well, inmediately after the buy order gets filled, place a sell order 3 usd over your entry price. This means that I would be selling 46,5 Eth x 218 usd = 10,137 usd (note there is going to be a small commission from the exchange). My gains are 137 usd now. You can also set a stop loss if you are not going to be watching the charts all the time.

STEP 6: Why am I setting the 3 usd limt? Whatch the chart and you will see that everytime the buy signal shows up in the 15 minute chart, the price rises at leats 3 usd. Sometimes it rises even more and it is up to you if you want to set a higher sell limit and risk more. This is at least the safest profit taking strategy that I tested.

STEP 7: Which will my monthly gains be with this strategy? Well, this price movements and signals usually show up 5 times per week (20 times per month). Comming back to my example (10,000 usd investment), if with one movement I am making 137 usd, I will be able to make 685 usd per week (2740 usd per month) (note there is going to be a small commission from the exchange). That´s 27,4% gains per month (328% per year).

STEP 8: Be your own boss, get yourself 100% into crypto and start living with your passie income with this strategy. No matter if you do not have a 10k investment. You can start with a small amount and make bigger trades with time. You can even offer this strategy as a service and manage funds in exchange of a commission (check the legal requirements for that). Just be patience and watch the chart.

NOTE: this is not financial advice. In all my posts I just share my opinion and what I have tested.

Any comments are welcome. Hope this works for you.

Remember that we are in the hands of big worldwide manipulators like exchanges, stock markets and big companies or funds. Now help me making this post viral to get more people into crypto with an effective strategy.

Kind regards!


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