Ethereum Can Go Higher | Ascending Triangle Pattern & More

BINANCE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
Ethereum (ETHBTC) can go higher from here...

EMA100 worked as resistance before, where you see the red "x"s on the chart. Now that EMA100 has been conquered, ETHBTC can easily move higher.

Early today we saw a strong move supported by good volume and a bullish RSI .

Will there be follow up by the bulls?

If the price for ETHBTC closes above 0.0224 - 0.0226, it is very likely that there will be follow up (additional growth), and even if its prices close a bit lower, as long as it remains above EMA100 (0.021482).

But if ETHBTC gets a bearish candle today, it might retrace a little bit before trying to reach the next goal.

The next target for ETHBTC is 0.024846 or EMA200. This level is likely to be hit in one single jump once ETH takes off.

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Thank you so much!
+2 Responder
@Gosaip, Sure... My pleasure. :)
hi alan, what do u think about alts, is still goof for growing?
+1 Responder
alanmasters MrAdibfar
@MrAdibfar, Yes... More growth ahead.
MrAdibfar alanmasters
@alanmasters, Thank u bro..
+1 Responder
Dear Alan: Do you see a cup and handle formation on the daily chart?
alanmasters CryptoGuru369
@CryptoGuru369, No but I can see what you mean...

The "cup & handle" is irrelevant... The important thing is to know where the price is headed next...

+1 Responder
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