Chiliz Grows Over 100% On Low Volume | Targets

BINANCE:CHZBTC   Chiliz / Bitcoin
Chiliz ( CHZBTC ) has been growing a lot in the last 5 days now reaching over 100% since it hit a low on the 25-Sept...

But how much further can it go?

The fact that we see now volume yet CHZBTC continues growing, means that there is no resistance on the way up... No sellers... So, this pair is likely to continue growing.

On the chart above you can find the next targets.

If CHZBTC moves above each target, then the next one becomes relevant.

If CHZBTC closes below a target/ resistance level , then it is likely to move lower and test support before making its next move.

Right now the immediate resistance is sitting at 95 satoshis (0.00000095 BTC ), followed by 106 and later 114.

The next main target is at 124 satoshis.

Depending on how these levels are handled, we can have a better idea as to what comes next.

The blue lines are the support levels.
And the red line at the bottom is the all-time low on this chart.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Posición cerrada: objetivo alcanzado: The main target hit at 120 satoshis.

"The next main target is at 124 satoshis."
Comentario: Can go higher.
Comentario: The 124 satoshis resistance has been broken and 156 reached.
Additional growth is possible.
Comentario: The last target has been hit!
+86% of profits generated so far... It looks like it can continue to grow.
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Thank you again sir. your the best!
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alanmasters ThirdyDelosSantos
@ThirdyDelosSantos, My pleasure.
Thanks Master
+1 Responder
alanmasters sidhabdn
@sidhabdn, :)
Excellent analysis as always. Plz look into ERD its been trying hard to break above 21 since weeks and failing again and again over 4h-TF.
+1 Responder
alanmasters CognitoBTC
+1 Responder
CognitoBTC alanmasters
@alanmasters,thank you so much your kind response and updates Alan.
Bang on. Thanks Master
what's the next target ?
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