Probabilities in the market of crypto with the pair BTC BITCOIN

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Hello Colleagues, I present to you one of two probabilities in the market of crypto with the pair BTC BITCOIN , We are in a resistance of importance, which is situated in the area of ​​the 7,200 $, the area that for now has not been able to overcome ... If you do not break the resistance of 7.5K you will continue downwards, everything will depend on whether you manage to overcome that area or not, based on that, you can have an idea of ​​what the market wants to do.

The fact that it overcomes that resistance with force, would indicate the possibility that the bulls take control upwards but otherwise it will continue in downward reversion .... reviewing old analyzes of patterns in triangles I only see that the descending triangle pattern can occur if it is the case it could continue to go down to the support level of 6K and if it breaks that support it will look for the 4K level or it can be disbanded further down ....
                                                                                                                                                                    On the other hand in exponential moving averages gives me a different analytical sense because it gives me to understand that the price can be maintained almost stable or wide range between levels of 7,600 K and 6,400 K and if there is the case of pattern formation W or commonly called double valley or double floor at 6K level would be a rebound probability looking for Emas 36. 200 . 500 zone level with an upward trend 7,500 K and then zone resistance level at 8,200 K ....

good in case the EMAS theory is given where it says that the minor EMA 36 with the larger EMAS always end up joining or returning to their place of origin in the case of coming from top to bottom, for then the smaller EMA 36 breaking down the EMA higher 200 and 500 and make the reversal wave turning upwards with force breaking the higher EMAs thus giving the upward trend to the next level 8,200 K 8400 K strong resistance reaching the climax ...

Another point that I also observed was to use a historical support in 4,800 joining with the two highest minimums in the arrow marked color AQUA (blue aquamarine) if the probability were given it will serve as a support giving a reversion to the aforementioned ...

Well I hope it has been of some positive scope or at least it is some crazy idea that only I can think of jejje
Cumpliéndose paso a paso el análisis del Bitcoin eso si tenemos correccion y seguimos la tendencia al parecer mi idea loca va teniendo sentido esperemos la probabilidad de llegar a 7.500 y 7.600 K y luego veremos si se cumple los patrones dibujados segun mi teoria de patrones y Emas Exponenciales