Phases of a 'Bitcoin' Bubble

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Everyones probably seen the old 'Phases of a Bubble' template kicking around the web. So I thought I'd give the daily price chart for Bitcoin the 'Phases of a Bubble' treatment.
Comentario: 'Phases of a Bubble' chart by Jean-Paul Rodrigue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Paul_...
Comentario: I've added this link to a great interview with Jean-Paul Rodrigue that goes into the different phases in detail. As we have been trading inside the 'Blow off Phase' for the last 2 years I'll include this choice quote from his description:

"There is even the possibility that the valuation undershoots the long term mean, implying a significant buying opportunity. However, the general public at this point considers this sector as “the worst possible investment one can make in his life”. This is the time when the smart money starts acquiring assets at bargain bottom prices."



Do you have an update for 2018? :-)
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Text for ants. Can you put text in comment below chart?
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Emanance oldstout
Looks like TV scaled the text quite differently from the editing screen I made the chart in... Hope this image of the edit helps :)

Emanance Emanance
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The 2013 high (resistance)
Will be this year's support before the next rally.

Buy order BTC at USD1140
funny looking at this no ..history repeating but 100x
Spot on bubble structure analysis with a rational buy opportunity signal for long term hodling.
Congrats to you as not anyone see Bitcoin bubble patterns in a logical way, most of the crow is shouting foe rallies in the wrong part of the structure.
Giorgioversace Giorgioversace
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