BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dólar estadounidense
Since Sept, 7th #BTC is following different Wyckoff structures and mostly repeating some fractal structures which were identified based on the sequence of 5 ATH's by beginning of '21. The sequence started again from July, 21th setting 5 different LTH . Leadtime has been reduced to days/2 from the study of original fractals and % variation.
The fractal proposed matches with BTC price structure, support and resistance areas, and also with 'macro trends' (Evergrande bonds, FED and crypto ETF's).

Red Lines - Price Structural support/resistance
Grey Lines - Help to understand price structure

Green Areas - Strong support/resistance areas - Week and Monthly scale-
Violet Areas - Conventional support / resistance areas - Daily scale-

Fractal tracked and uploaded to twitter on Sept, 7th

NOTE: 75k indicates end of structure, not end of BULL market.

Hope it helps,