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This is nothing sure, and nothing I expect to happen, I am just trying myself as a market analist, only by using fibonacci extension i arrived to the conclusion we can arrive to the blue and red line region, and if we arrive there and we have a closure candle below the last lower closure candle this would be the perfect timing where we will fall a bit more, probably until 3000$-2800$.

I repeat, this is nothing I expect, this is just an idea I had and I post it here in order to try myself, being honest I want to know if I am thinking correctly or if it is just luck, because, if it is a manipulation (something we can not know precisely just by using candlesticks ) it could come up again confirming the stop loss hunting strategy.

Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice, it is just my opinion, I do not feel responsible if you make or lose money.
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