Time analysis: Could the bitcoin bear market end October 2020?

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To me, it looks like the market is moving slower after each cycle. Our last bull run was longer than the previous one. The 2014 bear market was also longer than the 2011 bear market.

To my findings, the bear market of 2014 moved 2.5x slower than the 2011 one. If we use that same factor this time according to my calculations the bear market now should end around October 2020.

I know that sounds very depressing but as a long term trader I'm trying to find every possible outcome and this is one of them.

If you are correct, and I do like your time analysis, which I have attempted in the past...

If you are correct, then there will be about 1 year afterwards for accumulation before the next bullrun. This means Spring 2021 will be the very beginning of FOMO. Good luck and God Bless!
But this still suggests we may retest 10k in this long bear market ultimately ending back near 2.5-3?
VincentBoudewijn michaellanducci
@michaellanducci, i dont think so, 6k resistance is too strong. More like a slow bleed towards 1k range
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Yes, that seems very likely, and perhaps around the time that stocks begin recovery
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dRends35 dRends35
Also the way that each structure is becoming very elongated seems to suggest a very long drawn out bear market with slow flat movements that are not accumulation as many think
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@dRends35, exactly,
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