'BE' Bloom Energy Corporation

NYSE:BE   Bloom Energy Corporation
This analysis is backed on Wyckoff ideas, technical analysis and overall market behavior.
BE is performing well since March 18th and 19th, it bounced over 2.94 both days, and since then it has been running up until July 16th. This day demand hit a wall, and that was reflected on the volume bar, which is one of the greatest volumes since January; this means that the stock got lateralised between the 19.50 to 11.69 (both rectangles). This represents an accumulation that has extended in time until October 6th , this day price "jumped over the creek" with a great volume that reflects demand supporting the movement. And until now it has been running up a few days, but with low volume , which means that the uptrend is going to go down (there's no one supporting the movement).
With all this past information, we can set out two thesis.

A) Prices will go down to the 19.45 area and pullback.
B) Prices will stop dropping down in the 21.69 area and pullback (a month support).

If no one of the thesis take place, prices would drop even further and we will have to look for a new support (mainly the gray lines which are monthly and weekly supports) But if not, we hope to see in the next few days a pullback to (19.45 or 21.69) in order to maintain the trend until prices hit a new resistance (which could be the 26.73 area, a month support)

This is just a global overview of the last days of BE. But all the most important info is in the chart.

Regards and have a great trade.