ADA-Cardano Strategy - 03/12/2018

Dear all,

Welcome back to my new section, today i've analyzed ADA . I think there's a good opportunity that we coud be facing a C wave correction until past 0.7 Fib and after use that to open a small short until 0.6 or 0.5 fibonacci levels.

RSI looks a bit exhausted due to the bullish momentum of past weeks and MACD is starting to show a cross divergence to the down side. It's a bit early to jump on a short, so i decided to put a limit short order way above 0.7 fib level to let the asset take more bullish momentum before the inminet bear trend.

The levels that i am trading in this strategy are on my analysis as well as the Stop Loss you should be all using.

***Please do not take that as an advice, it is an idea and it must be taken as such, do your own research and share your thoughts if needed***

I will keep you all posted,

Have a happy monday & a happy trading experience!


Dec 04
Operación cerrada manualmente: Unfortunately it dind't hit our top target and it went down to 0.6 fib. Closing the order and looking for new reenters.

Happy trading to all of you!

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