Will ADA rocket?

There is a common debate about ADA, will this coin continue its up trend again?
According to the technical analysis and BTC comparisson, it is most likely we have a rocket alongside.
1.- There are just 2 engulfing bearish candlesticks in these patterns, let's hope we don't have any other one on these days.
2.-The lower price targets .33 which it might be shiny when BTC hits its lowest. Gann, Fibo and patterns show it.
3.- Suggestion: If you buy right now, wait until it hits $1 USD and compare it to BTC. If ADA doesn't rocket then swap to other coin.
4.- This last little up trend is ''not very reliable'' which means it has to go to the opposite trend then go up again.
5.- The % patters of gains/loss it almost exact one another
6.- You may HODL with no leverage now, or leverage once it crosses some resistances.

Final note down here:
Don't listen to any funadmental about ADA proyect, I highly recommend study the Technical Analysis for further info.
stop being stucked with fundamental and TA, it doesn't help you to make any decision at all.

Best of luck to everyone!!

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